​​Our goal is to provide you with a healthy and socialized Juliana pig which brings many years of joy to your lives!

Now let me tell you how we got ourselves into this business!

My daughter wanted a minipig for Christmas a few years ago and I granted her wish with a minipig that was only supposed to be 20 pounds as an adult. We named him Escaboar and we loved him as he grew and grew! I’d say Eskie is about 120 pounds right now. He has brought so much joy to our lives! Let me add that Eskie is a mini pot belly pig.

We enjoy having a pig in our life because every day is an adventure. Eskie does something every day to make me laugh. He is so smart and it is truly amazing how smart a pig really is.

So needless to say we were hooked!!!!!!!!!!!!

We bought our 2nd pig Cinny and he is a Juliana not a pot belly like Eskie. Juliana's don't have a pot belly, don't have a sway back, and are much smaller than pot belly's. Juliana's are much more sweet natured in my opinion. Much better outcome so we bought Bella and The Count both Juliana's to breed to the friendliest boar around..the rest is history....beautiful babies with the sweetest personality and best honker noses?


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