The Count is 14 inches tall. She lets us dress her up and doesn't give us much of a fuss! She is kind of a diva like that!!! 

Jenny is 15 inches tall. She is my little sweetheart who always finds me to give her belly rubs and scratches! She is not down for any drama and stays away from the piggy politics that go on! Everyone wants to be in charge except for her. She is a very zen pig and has the most beautiful eyes! 

Cinny is our gorgeous boar. He is 16 inches tall. He is very sweet and laid back with such a cheerful personality! He likes to chuckle when he is happy to see you! He gives his babies that red hair color that is unique and great dispositions that make his babies such wonderful pets to have! Plus just look at that fabulous honker nose!!!

Escaboar also known as Eskie or Mr. Big Boy is our neutered pot belly pig. He was the first pig we got and we were told he would only be 20 lbs full grown! If only I knew then what I know now I would have known that this was never going to be a 20 lb pig nor will anyone ever find a full grown 20 lb pig. Eskie is 120 lbs right now and he is six years old. NO matter how big he gets we will always love him! He is the best!!!

Bella is 15 inches tall. She always wants to know what is going on around the farm! She is an excellent mother to her babies. She passes on her sweet natured disposition to her babies and lots of spots. See how nosey she is!!!